What type of training should the organization provide a new global leader before they commence their global assignment?

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What type of training should the organization provide a new global leader before they commence their global assignment? How can a leader ensure that the training and support will enable this new global leader to be successful?



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Student A:

Working for the Parks and Resorts segment of Disney we have theme parks throughout the world so I would enjoy a global assignment at one of our theme parks in Asia.  I agree with Adler that cross-cultural and personal growth would be my number one reason for taking the assignment (Adler, 2008 pg. 358).  Where I differ from Adler’s finding is that money would not be in my top four reasons for taking a global assignment.  I would hope that my pay would be comparable to what I was currently making and the region I was traveling to but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.  I would want to experience the different working condition standards and labor laws.  I am curious to know how many of the home country regulations we follow and how many of the United States regulations we follow to be consistent with the parks in the United States.  Upon my arrival home I would home that knowing how things operate overseas I would be able to make better decisions with a global mindset.

Student B:

Global leaders have an immense amount of responsbility. The are responsible for the success of the global venture as well as how other cultures perceive them. When training a new global leader I believe the most important factor would be educating them on the culture they are about to be immersed in. It is important that they have proper knowledge before travelling abroad. Our culture influences the way we work, how we react, and encompasses our belief system. If the gloabl leader does not acknowledge this, it business venture could be damaged. The next thing would be to ensure they have effective communication skills. This type of training will involve the global leader to be culturally aware of oneself and how they communicate in an unfamiliar cultural setting. Different cultures have different sets of formalities, some of which involve the way that someone speaks and is spoken to.

The organization can ensure that the training will be effective by implementing a plan to strategize unique ways for global managers to work cross-culturally. In my opinion, in order for training to be successful, the organization needs to treat each culture separately from others. Each culture has their own ways of doing things. For this reason, it is important to note that what might work in one country is not going to necessarily work in another.