Which Bacterial Plates Control For 1 If The E Coli Cells Were Transferred Correc

Which bacterial plates control for:1) If the E. coli cells were transferred correctly: 2) If the E. coli cells can grow on LB: 3) If the Ampicillin is working correctly: 4) If the stock E. coli cells were contaminated with plasmid: Possible choices for each number are:”-“LB”+”LB”-“LB/Amp”+”LB/Amp”+”LB/Amp/Sugar(LB is a growth medium)(“+” means the plate contains pGLO gene, which gives the bacteria resistance to Amp; “-” means it does not have pGLO)(Amp is ampicillin)(sugar gives fluorescent glow in presence of pGLO)Please help me out. Thank you!

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