Who moved my cheese? (Example)

Who moved my cheese? (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date Question# 1 Hem responds by declining the suggestion which Haw gave and added he was going to get to the bottom of the problem which they were undergoing. Question# 2 The new cheese was found by Sniff and Scuffy and also Hem was the character who was never involved seriously if looking for cheese. Question# 3 It means to go after what we need. Question# 4 It means the more people get to know the story it will become easy for them to adapt to change better which in return the business will start to do much better than before. Question#5 Mice was used for Sniff and Scurry because their brain was simple and they had good instincts which enabled them to search for hard nibbling cheese the same way mice often do. Hem and Haw were referred to as little people because they had since his fear of failing will return and all his hope lost Question # 16 The changes that happen should also enable us to change this suggestion which Haw told Hem is an important idea and useful because it allows the reader to understand in a scenario where he or she finds that things around changing maybe a business they need also to change and start to approach things differently than before. Question# 17 The ideas of getting more cheese are when one aims to hold it more is of less use to me and also this same idea should be questioned. Question# 18 Haw was the character which identified even though at the start he did not accept change with time he identified no one will tell him to move forward but it was a choice he had to make. My thoughts of change have been greatly influenced. []

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Questions and One paragraph — essay format; Book to use–> http://jef.mentalis.org/hersenspinsels/downloads/WhoMovedMyCheese_DrSpencerJohnson.pdf

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