Would like help on week 5 quiz in statistics.

Would like help on week 5 quiz in statistics.  Thank you

 ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentName:________________________________________Date:_________________________Math 221Week 5 QuizShow as much work for partial credit!!Round all probabilities to threedecimal places.Probability:1.Two dice are rolled. We define events A, B, C and D as followsA: Getting a sum less than 7B: Getting doubles (1-1, 2-2, etc)C: Getting two even numbersD: Getting a sum greater than 7a) Are events A and B mutually exclusive (Disjoint)? Explainb) Are events A and D mutually exclusive (Disjoint)? Explainc) Are events B and C mutually exclusive (Disjoint)? Explain

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View the AnswerA king size bag of m&m’s contains 20 red, 12 brown, 10 blue, 7 yellow, 13 green, and 17 orange.Find thefollowing probabilities:If one is selected at random:2.P(yellow)3.P(Red or Orange)If three are selected in sequence,with replacement, find:4. P(blue and green and brown)If four are selected in sequence,without replacement, find:5. P(orange and red and blue and blue)

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