Write a 2-3 page essay on the health of our democracy using your *digital artifact, your peers’ artifacts, and readings(uploaded).

Write a 2-3 page essay on the health of our democracy using your *digital artifact, your peers’ artifacts, and readings(uploaded). (*Digital artifact=some political cartoons which uploaded)Essay is due on Friday at  10AM. There is a grading criteria, please follow the rubric.(uploaded)


What is a democracy? Describe 2-3 qualities of a healthy democracy. And, assess the health of our democracy. In your essay, use your digital artifact, reference at least one of your peers’ artifacts, and at least two readings from Weeks 1 and 2.

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Essay should also include the following information:

  1. What is a democracy? Draw on what you already know about democracy from your k-12 or your undergraduate courses as well as from anything you looked up in connection for this assignment. When describing the qualities of a healthy democracy that are most important to you, you may draw from the definition of democracy you chose for your artifact post and/or the definitions posted by your peers.
  2. Assess how healthy our democracy is by doing the following:
    • Describe and discuss the artifact you selected to show how well our democracy is currently working, and why our democracy is working that way.
    • Discuss whether our democracy reflects the qualities you described.
    • Incorporate at least one artifact by one of your peers from the course.
    • Use at least two readings support your arguments/claims.
  3. Essays must include in-text citations and a reference page in APA format.

if may help..

my description on my political cartoon:I chose this political cartoon because it reflects the trends of today’s democracy.We all know that democracy is defined as a form of government in which the people are the first and the highest authority. However, not everyone’s voice and opinion can be heard and considered. In addition, digital media become the main concern in people’s daily life. We can get informations and latest issues easily by turning on televisions and social medias. Also, media has become the main source of information transmission and value creation.  Through media,  we can be well informed about our community, countries and the world.But some media reports are not comprehensive, and they like to select news reports based on trends to achieve the highest attention rate. For example, negative news is always easier to catch people’s attention. Therefore, the media will filter the information to expose only a part of the information. Just like this political cartoon, there is obviously a large group of people representing positive information, but those journalists and the media only focus on negative information. So only negative information will be presented. This creates the wrong value and is misleading. Not only that,  in the first paragraph of Foa and Stryuk reading has also reflected such wrong situation.

“For four decades, Die Welt, one of West Germany’s leading newspapers, refused to acknowledge the existence of an East German state. Since the paper’s editors expected the communist regime to collapse within a matter of years, they put scare quotes around its initials when- ever they discussed the German Democratic Republic (GDR). While other papers reported about the policies pursued by the GDR, Die Welt unfailingly wrote about the “GDR.”” (Foa and Stryuk, page 5).  This passage proves that the newspaper as a source of information transmission refused to acknowledge some informations. However, this behavior is wrong, and the information should be presented to the public fairly.

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