write a 5 page essay reflecting on the following

This is the prompt :

Part 1: Reflect up on your two course projects. Discuss your experiences as a team member, your team dynamic, and team leadership style(s). Did you experience any conflicts, and if so how were they handled? Do you see differences or improvements in team dynamic between project 1 and 2? How can you use what you learned in the classroom, in your assigned readings, and in the out-of-class events to improve your contributions as a team member on future projects? Talk briefly about the events you attended.

Part 2: Why is teamwork important in engineering? Consider your intended major or the major you explored in your department visit to give specific examples.

These are the projects and and the events:

Projects :

project 1 : a car that moves using water

project 2 : a mini rollercoaster for a marble

events attended :

1- an event about university clubs (liked petroleum club)

2- someone talking about being an engineer

3- someone talking about mechanical engineering

4- someone talking about aerospace engineering

5- a theater sketch

Intended major : petroleum engineering

**you can lie as much as you want but just make it believable**

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