write a paper that explores the human geographies of tampa florida

Write a paper that explores the Human Geographies of Tampa, Florida. Discuss the region’s historical, economic, and cultural geographies, as well as the region’s changing demographics and built landscape (incorporating general concepts from our textbook and class discussions). Since this is such a broad topic your challenge will be deciding what to include (and exclude) as you attempt to construct a coherent narrative.

ii) Make sure that you examine some of the “spatial variations” within the city, while also considering Tampa’s ties to the rest of the region, country, and the international community.

iii) Use Doreen Massey’s notion of a global sense of place to highlight how Tampa (“the local”) is intertwined with “the global”.

* You may choose to take a historical approach, or focus on economic ties, or emphasize human-environmental relationships, or explore the city’s changing cultural landscape. However, whichever approach you decide to take, make sure that you also follow the instructions mentioned above.

* Begin this project by collecting and reviewing potential sources (books, scholarly articles, newspapers, etc.) and completing the “List of References” assignment.

Focus on Economic.

Wordcount: 2,000 words (Include Word-Count at the top of the page)

Sources: minimum of 8 (Include Works Cited & in-text citations where appropriate)

Sources should come from list that I will attach.

There is also a powerpoint presentation with my subject that I will attach.

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