write a philosophy essay

I would like from you to write an essay of between 700 and 1000 words

This is not a research paper. Write this essay from the perspective of the class discussions and reading.

I’ll attach all the reading.

Essay Topic: Critically discuss the three parables of God’s existence that were presented in your reading and that were discussed in class. State clearly the position that is represented by each parable regarding the status of the claim: “God exists.” Which position do you find most convincing and why? Why does it matter which position one takes on this matter regarding the prospect of an open discussion of the issue of God’s existence?

answer all questions

Please note this is very important, use the readings as the only source don’t bring any idea outside the readings.

Please note this is very important that i’m an international student and my English level is 6/10 so it shouldn’t be a professional so put few grammar mistake like three or four and put few punctuation errors , and don’t use high English level of vocabulary. Use only basics and normal ones.

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