write a Research in the Info Age – Assignment

write a Research in the Info Age – Assignment Week 3

You may start your research from different points. You may have a topic or subject in mind or you may already have a citation.

In this assignment, the hypothetical research topic is recycling of e-waste and you are required to search for sources by both subject and citation.

Part 1- Search by Citation: Choose one of the article citations below.

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Stone, B. (2005). Tech trash, e-waste: By any name, it’s an issue. Newsweek, 146(24), 11.
Krikke, J. (2008). Recycling e-waste: The sky is the limit. IT Professional Magazine, 10(1), 50-55.

Write an APA reference citation for the article. Then, answer the following questions:
What was your search strategy(ies)? Was it effective? What might you have done differently?

Part 2-Search by Subject: Now, search for two scholarly, peer-reviewed articles to supplement the article you found above. Write an APA reference citation for each article. For each entry, write down your search strategy or strategies. Was your strategy effective? Explain why or why not. What might you have done differently? Also, provide a brief summary of the article (no more than a paragraph) explaining the contents of the article and how it relates (or doesn’t relate) well to the article you choose for Part 1.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length with document and citation formatting per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.