write a summary of books

Need help to write a summary of books

read 5 books and write about it, no limited pages. This is what I have been asked to do.


choose a minimum of 5 books that represent three different diverse groups other than your own. For each book, the following is required:

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  • Book title, author, publishing date, company, location, and the ISBN (e.g., APA style: Mitchell, T. (2012). People in organizations. New York: McGraw-Hill).
  • Write a summary for each book: identify the diverse group represented; identify the setting – was the setting important to the story? Why or why not? Why did you choose this book? Discuss your personal reactions – how and in what way did the book increase your knowledge and understanding of the represented group? Was the information factual and authentic? Discuss the book’s implications for teaching and learning in a diverse society.
  • Rate each book.

need to have these 3 on the work pls. no online sourcing, just books you have already read.