write three full pages about one of the 3 options below

Choose one of the three options:

1. A flippant remark that Gertrude Stein made inspired Ernest Hemingway to write The Sun Also Rises. She told Hemingway that he belonged to a “lost generation.” All of the characters in the novel deal with the difficulty of alienation. How do the major characters combat their alienation, and find some purpose and meaning, despite their “lost” status? What does the novel suggest about courage, and its importance in human life?

2. Bobbie Ann Mason, in her novel “In Country,” blends the personal with the political to offer a profound exploration of the interaction between the past and the present. What does the novel suggest about the influence pf the past in the present? How does the ending explore how past experiences, even those we ourselves did not have, implicate us in their consequences?

3. Angela Morales writes, in the introduction to her book “The Girls in My Town,” that her essays coalesce to form a family portrait. What does her portrait reveal, individually and broadly, about the nature of family and identity? She attempts to discover why people remember what they remember. What do her novels suggest about how and why we remember some moments and experiences more than others?

Length: Three full pages of writing in APA format

Due date: 3 days

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