You will be using Week5_Lab5_Carinas_Summary_Student

You will be using Week5_Lab5_Carinas_Summary_Student.xlsx the partially completed Summary workbook and the

completed Northside Workbook, Southside Workbook, and Downtown Workbook.

Consolidate the data from the three completed worksheets into the Summary workbook (Week5_Lab5_Carinas_Summary_Student.xlsx).

  1. The individual worksheets for the three locations have been placed in the single workbooks (Northside, Southside and Downtown) for you. Be sure to practice the copying feature from multiple workbooks, as shown in the tutorial videos.
  2. Using the Consolidate feature and perform a summary consolidation of the three locations into the provided summary worksheet page.
  3. Rename the file that includes your consolidated summary worksheet. File naming convention: If your name is Jane Doe, then your files should be named very similar to: Doe_J_Week5_iLab.xlsx.
  4. Close the Northside, Southside and Downtown Workbooks.  Leave your Summary workbook open.

STEP 2: Summarize Dining Categories by Quarter

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You must provide a summary report of the dining category sales by quarter for the year so that Joe Bruno knows exactly what each location is doing.

  1. Create formulas to calculate sales by dining category and quarter on the Summary Sheet.
  2. Group the worksheets and add Grand Totals by Dining Category and by Quarter.

STEP 3: Create Graph

Carina is more of a visual person, and you want to present your data in an alternate way. You will create a chart to summarize your data.

  1. Create a chart on the separate sheet already in your workbook. Your chart should show the amount of income from each of the dining categories displayed by quarter. A trend line might help her to see the area of highest growth.
  2. Include a title, legend, and data labels on your chart.
  3. Format the chart to coordinate with your summary table, using the same colors, fonts, titles, and clip art.

Need help? Review the Week 1 step-by-step instructions for charting. Hint: Select clustered columns as your basic chart type. The following is a suggested format (your answers may vary).

Image Description
STEP 4: Create a Documentation Sheet

You must document your worksheet with a professional-looking documentation sheet before Carina can reimburse you for your work.

  1. Insert a new worksheet and rename the sheet tab Documentation.
  2. Include the following on your documentation worksheet: Your name as author, date of creation, date of last modification, purpose. Create a Contents section that lists the sheets in the workbook and provides a brief description.
  3. Format the documentation worksheet using the same colors and font used in other worksheets and charts.
  4. Hide the gridlines on the Documentation Sheet using the Page Layout tab, Sheet Options group.
  5. Group the worksheets and create a custom footer with your name on the left, the page number in the middle, and the instructor’s name on the right.
  6. Based on your analysis, do you think Carina should add another store to her chain? Why or why not? Provide a comment on the Documentation Sheet.

 ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachmentDowntown Location1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterTotalDine-In$40,000$34,000$29,000$22,000 $125,000Pick-up$62,000$63,000$62,000$63,000 $250,000Delivery$22,000$26,000$35,000$42,000 $125,000Total$124,000$123,000$126,000$127,000 $500,000

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