you will need to create a project in eclipse for this activity and import the source code files into that project after you have imported the source code files you can begin analyzing for bugs

ou will use the development environment you set up in this module to complete this assignment. You will need to create a project in Eclipse for this activity and import the source code files into that project. After you have imported the source-code files, you can begin analyzing for bugs. Prompt: This assignment presents you with broken code that has a total of fifteen errors throughout three source files that you will need to debug. Analyze the existing source code to identify and correct all bugs. Include a brief written summary of the process you used, the issues you found, and how you corrected the issues. The following critical elements should be addressed in your project submission: ï‚· Locate and fix the multiple syntax errors. When these errors are located, the program should not display any error messages upon running. ï‚· Ensure that loops and flow-control statements function properly. ï‚· Edit the code to account for case-sensitivity of variables. ï‚· Verify that the program output matches the problem statement requirements, fixing defects as necessary. ï‚· Include a summary of your debugging process and the errors you corrected. Include the specific types of bugs. Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Submit a source code file containing functioning code that starts with a header comment containing a title (name, course, date, project number) and your brief process summary.

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